About Us

We do smoke gear, better.

Cody Champagne, CEO

Cody has spent his career in the hospitality business. From a carhop at a fast food joint to being a co-founder of MySmokeGear, he’s seen damned near everything. Lot’s of mistakes and lessons along the way marked by just as many – if not more – successes. He’s always been a climber. If he’s learned nothing else, it’s how to have fun while being the best. Experience is always the best teacher.

Kevin Joy, President + COO

Kevin found his passion for getting things done the right way in his early days at GameStop. Starting as a part-time salesperson, he quickly found he was hungrier and willing to work harder than just about everyone around him – and that work ethic has driven him over the years. He has an eye for detail that is unparalleled, and the gumption to get things done. He’s a true go-getter at heart. His average speed on the freeway is 90.

A tale of two friends

MySmokeGear was founded in July of 2020 by two close friends with a passion for doing things correctly. 

Better Pricing

We don’t have any retail stores – and we don’t have a huge staff. This means we don’t have a lot of overhead – which means we can be more aggressive in our pricing model.

Better Products

We source only the highest quality – for every factory we partner with, at least 10 didn’t make the cut. We take quality seriously. We want you to enjoy your smoke like we do.

Get Paid

Instead of wasting money advertising on some self contained e-commerce site that rhymes with shmamazon *cough, cough* we decided to give that money to our affiliates. When you shop using one of our affiliate URLs you’re making sure whoever sent you here gets paid. That’s just good policy.

Simplified Selection

Have you ever stared at a screen with analysis paralysis because there were too many choices? Yeah, us too. And most of them are fugly anyway.

Mr. Blitzed

Discreet shipping

We ship in discreet packaging – and our labels are discreet too!

We're looking for partners.

20% direct commission. No commitments, no cost, no gimmicks