Future Products

Future Products

Stash Bags

We’ve seen some good stash bags out there – but we believe we can make them better. An integral component in any smoker’s arsenal, the stash bag provides us with security, privacy, and a convenient place to store our stuff. 


We have some designs in the works that we think will change the bong game forever. Affordable + high quality is the name of our game.

Rolling Trays

The staple of our rolling family – rolling trays should be a statement. There are some cool ones out there, and it’s really just a piece of plastic – but we still believe there is ample room for improvement.

Dab Rigs

The future of the industry – the emerging leader among younger and older smokers alike. Whatever your fancy – we intend to make it better.


Who doesn’t love shirts, and hoodies, and stickers, and backpacks, and all of the things? 


This one is near and dear to our hearts. We want to perfect the art of papermaking – and we want your input to help us make it better!

One Hitters

For those moments when you just need to get one in under cover. We get it.


Yeah. That’s right. Grow kits. Real grow kits.

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